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The web chat is a way to connect to the server and talk to your team mates and anyone else online without having to download anything, ideal for slow moments at school or work, or when you don't want to have to login to the real game. It can be found here: http://www.starsonata.com/webchat/ But It is down right now and may show and error called 404 page not found.


  • Chat to all channels with a similar look to the game client
  • Team List so you can see who's online (and with an easy double click to PM team mate).
  • Easy to click links to PM anyone who chats
  • Up/Down arrow chat input history for quickly putting out the same trade message or repeating a statement.
    • Separate trade chat history
  • Friends list

Current Limitations

  • Some / commands do not work as they are processed client side

Upcoming Work

  • Make it so the highlight color is something other then black
  • Logoff button
  • Sound when receive PM in unfocused tab
  • Make it so the input bar has focus if you press any key, making it so you don't have to click every time to chat after switching tabs or selecting text.
  • Different text sizes for the chats.
  • Time of last received message in each channel, to know if it's worth answering.
  • Make all links click-able
  • /me support
  • Add refreshable friends list
  • Timestamp for chats as well as the "last message received" option
  • Separate chat input history for Trade so you can find your last trade message easily

Future Work

  • Make tabs have fixed width so they don't twitch when an unread message comes in or when you focus
  • Admin blue text is not shown in the webchat (requires server change)
  • Replace right click menu with something more usable - not possible to replace hyperlink context menu according to adobe bug database.

Player Suggestions

(Please only edit this part, and I will move them up into the other lists as I see fit)

Player Spotted Bugs

  • Commodities Decay
  • "Fix" for input box focus doesnt work in new PM windows, needs extra click

Declined Suggestions

  • The up button makes it very easy to spam. - This will get you muted the same way you would for any other type of spam.
  • Maybe make the player name a slightly different colour then the player message - the <> or () and the underline should be enough to distinguish the player