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JeffAvatar.png Name Class Team Rank Level Ship
Jeff Bobbo Gunner Contingency Officer Master Earthforce Dreadnought and Zebra
Kryton Berserker Contingency Officer Ferocious Lion
Mc Beth Engineer Contingency Officer Dastardly Unholy Pax
uradingus2 Shield Monkey Psionic Corps Officer Master Rhino
Captain Shanks Speed Demon Contingency Officer Competent Vulture
JeffB None None N/A Poor Hotrod+
Jeff Mc Beth Berserker SoftShock Officer Fair Agamemnon+

A bit about me

I'm Jeff Bobbo! And also Blue Dwarf! I've been a content dev since May 2011 time, having been offered to join by Jeff after volunteering to make the first Easter event of Star Sonata. To sum up what I think of being a content dev, I just love it. XD

I also do UI tweaks/edits/addons as a sort of side project. These can be found here. My older UIs for client 1 can be found just a little way down the page.

I also recently (well, not that recently, just haven't used it) made a Twitter account. Which I will be using to post updates of contenty stuff I do; so you can follow me if you wish (please do, I feel lonely on there). You can also follow me using an RSS reader if you don't want to make a twitter account using this link:

Graphical User Interfaces

Client 2 UI edits

With the release of the new client, UI customization has taken a major step forwards in possibilities and sheer awesomeness. Because of this I won't be making UIs as such, but rather little edits players can install to change their client. However I plan to create a UI to resemble the old clients GUI and be compatible with old GUIs.

I have made an installer which you can use to install my edits.

To install, just download the executable and run it, set the install path to your Star Sonata 2 installation (if not pointed there already), and then select what you want to install. The installer will copy the files to your hard drive for you and you just need to click finish. Once that's done you can restart Star Sonata 2 and you're done. If you want to change a part of your installation, just run the installer again and you can select different components to install, this will remove any currently customizations of mine you have. To uninstall just run the installer again and select uninstall, this won't delete the executable itself, you'll have to do that manually. Version 0.4.0 will also remove the old uninstall files on use as they are no longer required.

Otherwise, my edits for client 2 can be downloaded as .zip to .\Star Sonata 2\Content and then extracting it there. Select "Yes to all" for the overwriting files. I won't keep adding new zips for new additions however.

This will replace your root.xml, so if you are using other edits, compare the files to add them independently.
The visibility bar will also replace images.xml in .\Content\game_data

Visibility Bar
This returns the visibility bar as it was in client 1, showing a numeric value for your visibility always. This also expands the top bar, slightly enlarges the target window, shifts the hotkey and progress bars to the left and pulls the autopilot text up below the progress bars.

Skill Points Progress Bar
This adds a little collapsible bar in between the level/experience one and the credits one. Represented by a red star.

Vis Bar & Skill Point Bar

Combination of the above two until UI customization improves.

Contacts Window Close Button

This little edit will pull the Squad/Team/Friends window down in the Social window and push the buttons to the top, adds a small close button in the top right corner and re-orders to tabs to Team|Squad|Friends.

Warning: The root.xml for this will overwrite other mods of mine so you'll have to manually merge it if you want any other mods/edits.

Client 1 GUIs

As Client 2 has been released, these are now rather useless. However I will keep these up for reference/feature use...

All of my GUI's are in .zip format (compressed), all need to be extracted, and their contents pasted into the .\img directory of your Star Sonata installation, with the exception of the Normal GUI

Normal Custom GUI

Halloween GUI

Christmas GUI

Client 2 style GUI

Random trivia

  • I, with Kangaroo_blob, suggested the Trolls for Halloween 2010 event.
  • I spend more time on IRC and webchat than anyone should.
  • I won the Christmas 2010 "What do you want from Astro-Santa" competition with my song.
  • Suggested the idea of Lapland and saving Elves, lack of time didn't help in creation.
  • I have over 4500 posts on the forums, probably too many.
  • I pushed for an Easter Holiday event, which ended up in me doing the content myself. It was meant to go in on the patch on Sunday the 17th April. But delays and problems has held it back a few days. Testing was rushed, and there were quite a few issues! But non-the-less it was fun. And I think (hope) players kinda enjoyed it.