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Quilting is a skill allowing you to create a custom flag for your team. This is submitted to the Star Sonata staff who review it for content by way of a link at the bottom of the respective team page when viewed by a councillor or higher logged into the team roster viewer.

The Leadership skill is a prerequisite for this skill.


What is a team flag?

A team flag is an image of your choosing displayed inside Star Sonata alongside the names of your team members, and on the map next to galaxies controlled by your team.

How to Make a Flag

Create a PNG or JPEG image approximately 250px×175px. The size doesn't have to be exact, because the server resamples the image you upload to the sizes it needs, but if the aspect ratio is very different then your flag will look squashed or stretched.

Additional Tips:

  • Flags appear small inside Star Sonata. Simple shapes often look best.
  • Prefer PNG over JPEG to keep lines crisp.
  • Make sure the image has a similar aspect ratio to the rectangle in the diagram to avoid distortion.
  • Flags don't have to be 20px×14px any more. Use a larger image to make your flag look sharper in game.

Team Flag Approval

Team flags are subject to an approval process. After a flag is uploaded using this page, it is put into a queue. Only after the new flag is approved by a moderator will it become visible in game and on the website. You can check this page at any time to view the status of your flag.

If there is a problem with your submitted image, it will be marked as rejected and the reason for the rejection will be indicated. After correcting the problem, you may upload a revised image here.

Reasons a flag might be rejected include:

  • Racism
  • Profanity
  • Sexual imagery
  • Depiction of real-world brands or trade marks
  • Being too similar to the flag of another team

Final approval is at the sole discretion of the Star Sonata moderators.

Where to Train

Location Base Name Level Requirements Notes
Sol Earth Central 1 Aqua Nuzzle